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Connie and the Essence of Chaos is my latest videogame project. It is a 2D platformer inspired by some of my favourites from the past.

In this game you control our limbless hero Connie and her spirit friend Plum on their quest to defeat Lucilate, an evil overlord who has taken over the island of Cuisinia. Explore a whimsical word, free every imprisoned essence fairy, unlock new powers and beat a bunch of terrifying foes!

I'm still working on the game and there is no set release date yet, but you can add it to your WISHLIST and follow UPDATES I will be posting here, on Steam and on Youtube.

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Connie and Plum are the heroes of this story! When Lucilate invaded Cuisinia Plum was the only Essence Spirit who was able to escape his grasp. All hope seemed lost, but then Connie arrived to the island on a small boat and promised to help everyone.

Essence is divided into five different types: Bitter, Salty, Sweet, Savory and Sour. The spirits are the embodiment of this substance. Each type of Essence is kept in balance by a Grand Spirit who wields a magical Essence Staff. There are thousands of smaller spirits as well, but they mostly just wanna have fun!

Bunty is Lucilate's right-hand-man and the commander in his operation. Carrying around his trusty notebook, he is very perceptive and does everything in his power to further Lucilate's masterplan. He may look unassuming, but do not underestimate him!

The main antagonist, the evil mastermind Lucilate. Not much is known about him, except that one day he appeared out of nowhere and took over Cuisinia in just one night! Despite being such a formidable character he seems to have a lot of devoted followers all over the island willing to do his bidding.

© Ryemanni