I'm an avid collector of many things, but mostly toys and video games. This is the page where I can list off and keep track of my current collections.

I have other collections too that aren't listed on this page yet. I will be sure to add them once I have the time to take proper pictures and make catalogues of their contents. Stay tuned!

Rayman collection

The Rayman collection is my biggest and oldest collection to date. I started collecting Rayman stuff as a kid, but the pace has slowed down the more and more items I acquire. The post-covid price-hike of video game collecting also doesn't help. The picture above is only part of my full collection. I don't have a comprehensive list of all the items I own just yet, but if you want to have a complete tour, I recommend checking out this Youtube video I made:

Rayman Collection Tour

Last updated: 20. April 2024

Lemmings collection

The Lemmings collection is a more recent collection, which you can see by it's size. Collecting Lemmings games and other media is really interesting, since it's such an old series. Most of the games also got ported to a huge variety of different platforms. The picture above is the entire collection so far.

Last updated: 20. April 2024

Gogo's Crazy Bones
Gogo's collection

I grew up with "Gogo's Crazy Bones Ghosts" from the early 2000s, but I love the reboot series' from 2007 onwards more. Pictured here is my nearly complete "master set" of series 1. I'm also working towards completing all the other series too, slowly but surely. Completing all of the series might be the one thing I can't achieve during my lifetime, but we'll see. 😂

Last updated: 20. April 2024

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